5 Ways To Make A Galley Kitchen Look And Feel Larger

Having a galley kitchen has a few advantages, such as being able to reach from one counter to the other without any walking distance. However, galley kitchens can present a number of challenges, especially with how small the narrow kitchen may feel. If you are fed up with feeling closed in your galley kitchen, the following 5 tips will help the space look and feel larger and more open.

Wall Color

The wall color in a galley kitchen can have an effect on how expansive the room feels. Painting the walls and ceiling in light colors will help to make the kitchen look and feel larger. Colors that tend to work well in a galley kitchen include:

  • Cream
  • Pale yellow
  • Light blue  

It will also help to make the space feel more open if the ceiling is painted lighter than the walls, such as an eggshell or white.


The bright a galley kitchen is the larger it will look. If there are windows in the kitchen, avoid using blinds and/or curtains to allow the natural light in. If curtains must be used, choose fabrics that are thin, lightly colored and avoid complicated patterns. Lighting fixtures, such as recessed lighting or track lighting will help to brighten the room, without making it feel cluttered. Under cabinet lights will help bring light to the lower half of the room and make the counter space look larger.


If possible, replace some of the cabinets with tall cabinets that extend to the ceiling. The easiest way to make a galley kitchen appear larger and more open is to replace the cabinet fronts with custom glass. If you do not want to put glass in all of the cabinets, consider installing custom glass from places like Sound Glass Sales, Inc. in only the upper cabinets. Glass panels on cabinets that are white or pale wood will help the kitchen feel wider and more open.


Avoiding clutter will help the kitchen feel less closed in. If you are short on cabinet space, consider install custom glass shelves or recessed shelving to display decorative items and/or store cooking items. For example, storing flour, sugar and other dry goods in clear glass containers on a glass shelving will draw the eye to the shelves and create the illusion of more space.

Counter-tops & Flooring

Replacing old, dark counter-tops with lighter ones that are made with natural materials, such as granite, will give a galley kitchen a clean, luxurious look. If granite isn't in your budget, consider using light colored, faux stone laminate. To make the counter space brighter and larger looking, consider installing a glass or metallic back-splash, which will help to reflect light. The flooring should be light in color and without a pattern. For example, choose a light colored wood or natural stone floor.

One of the most important things you can do to make a galley kitchen look larger is to remove all of the clutter. Use minimal, but brightly colored accessories, such as fresh flowers in a clear vase.