3 Ways To Save Money On Your Metal Fabrication Project

As someone who plans to use a metal fabrication shop to complete a project, you are likely hoping to get your project done at a reasonable price. While you can shop around until you find a shop that will do the project in your price range, there are other ways to make your project more affordable. Here are three ways that you can save money on your next metal fabrication project.

Know About Fabrication Machines

To save money, you need to know a little bit about the machines that may be used to complete your project. Most work is done is done with a precision cutting machine, brake press or punch press. Knowing how these machines function can help you understand why different pieces, made with different machines, can cost more or less.

For instance, if your piece can be done on a punch press, the metal for your project can be bent and the negative material punched out at one station. There is less labor involved to complete your piece, so it will be more inexpensive to make. Knowing this kind of information about machines can help you design more effectively.

Keep Shapes Simple

If you want to save money, during the design process, it is important that you keep shapes as simple as possible. Complicated shapes take longer to produce, and typically require more labor and extra metal. Make your aim to design a piece that can be made simply, without too many bends or intricate lines.

Use the Right Materials

It is important that you realize that certain materials can be more expensive than others, and why that may be so. For instance, some aluminum alloys are more difficult to weld and more difficult to bend into shapes, making them more expensive to use. Stainless steel may be an attractive choice because it tends to avoid rust, but it is also harder to cut than other materials, which drives up the price. Instead, try to design your piece around similar but less expensive materials, such as cold rolled steel.

Now that you know how to save money on your project, you will be able to cut costs and put that saved money toward another project. Talk with metal fabrication shops like A & E Machining And Fabrication to find out how they might also save you money, and you will be able to get your project done for a much more affordable price.