Dedicate A Winter Afternoon To Preventative Plumbing Maintenance

When the temperature drops, you likely spend more time inside your home and less in the great outdoors. Use this indoor time to your advantage by doing a little plumbing services maintenance.  Winter is a common season for plumbing issues, thanks to longer showers, more in-home cooking, and the risk of frozen pipes.

By tackling these preventative tasks, you can ensure your winter is spent sipping mugs of hot chocolate and building snowmen, rather than making emergency calls to your plumber:

Tighten bolts on toilets and faucets

A loose faucet may not seem like a big issue, but if it begins leaking, it can cause the surrounding structures to mildew and erode. Of course, no one wants the toilet to leak, either. Take a few minutes to make sure every bolt or screw you see is tight.

Figure out where your pipes are, and how to keep them warm

Locate the pipes leading to your kitchen and bathroom. If they run along an outside wall behind cabinets, as they often do in kitchens, knowing where they are is essential for preventing them from freezing on the coldest days. You can open the cabinets to let more heat come into contact with the pipes, and even put a space heater in your kitchen (not too close to anything flammable) to keep the temperature higher.

Clean your sink drain

No, don't use a chemical drain cleaner. Most plumbers recommend against them because they can erode pipes. All you need to clean out your drain is a little baking soda and vinegar. Dump a cup or so of baking soda (no need to measure) down the drain, and follow it up with a bottle of plain white vinegar. This will help loosen grease and grime so you don't experience clogs.

Make sure you have the number of a good plumber

If an incident does occur, you'll want to make sure you know who to call. Talk to friends and family members, and ask them to recommend a good plumber. Then, post that number on the fridge where it's handy for family members to call should the toilet back up or your pipes freeze.

Taking an hour or two now to prevent plumbing issues that may arise later is a great investment in your home's future. You can even make it more interesting by getting the whole family involved. Teach your kids how to tighten bolts and clean drains, and explain to them what plumbers do. The tasks will fly if you do them together.