Four Things You Want To Know About Zoning And Boilers With Residential Heating

If you have a boiler for your home heating, you may want to consider zoning. This is the process of separating different 'zones' of your home with your heating. It can eliminate problems with your system not heating certain areas of your home. It will also help your heating system to work more efficiently. If you are considering setting up zoning with your radiant heating system, here are four things that you may want to know first:

1. Using Boiler Pumps For Heating And Potable Water

When you have a boiler installed in your home, you may also use it for sanitary or potable water. This water has to be separate from the heating system, which is why you may want to have a separate pump installed for hot water use. You may also want separate pumps installed for different floors in your home, such as a basement where you may want to have a completely independent heating system for more efficiency.

2. Plumbing Manifolds For Efficient Distribution Of Heat

Plumbing manifolds can also be used for the efficient distribution of the heating in your home. You will want to have a manifold installed for each separate heating system. The manifold will distribute the heat in different 'zones' in your home according to your preferences. For smaller homes, one manifold can be installed for zoning instead of using separate pumps. You can ask a heating professional about what configuration will be the best for your home.

3. Choosing Cost Effective Pipes And Materials

Copper and plastic piping can have a difference in price and installation. You may want to have your system installed with plastic tubing if you are using an in floor heating system, which will have a much lower cost. If you are using conventional radiators, it may be more practical to use copper for the installation of radiators.

4. Zoning With Separate Thermostat Controls

Zoning will control different areas of the heating of your home, which can be done with a single thermostat or separate thermostats for different 'zones'. You may want to use a thermostat for different floors in your home, such as a basement and upper levels. You can have zoning thermostats installed to control the heating in every room of your home, and make your heating system more efficient.  If you have a single level home, you may just want to use one thermostat with zoning controls to control the heating in your home.

These are some of the things that you may want to know if you plan to zone your boiler for radiant heating. If you need help upgrading your system, contact heating repair contractors and ask them about zoning your home heating system.