Four Wood Shake Materials That Can Be Used As An Alternative To Cedar

Shake roofs have a certain charm about them, which is why many people want to have shakes installed on their homes. If you want to have shakes on your home, you have probably found plenty of information about cedar shakes, but what about the alternatives? Shakes can be made from many different wood species, including oak, poplar and elm. Some of these materials can be hard to come by, but offer you a different look for the shingles you have installed on your home. Here are four of the alternatives to cedar that you can use for your roof:

1. Oak Shakes For A Durable Roofing Solution

Oak shingles can be a great choice for a shake roof. Oak is a very durable wood, and can outlast cedar and other materials. It is one of the longest-lasting roof materials, but it can cost a lot more than other wood roofing materials. If you want to have a natural wood roof that will last for many years, oak is an ideal choice of material. In many cases, it can even outlast the more popular cedar shakes that are installed on homes.

2. Poplar Shakes For Different Color Shake Roof

Poplar is another wood species that can be used as the roofing on your home. It is ideal to give your roof a different color with green hues and clean grains. Other than the advantage of different colors, it is also very easy to work with and repair. It may cost a little more than cedar shakes, and will not last as long as oak, but it will last longer than most conventional asphalt roofs. If you want something a little different from cedar shakes, poplar is a good choice of material.

3. Pressure-Treated Pine Shake Materials

Today, there are also many methods for treating wood. Pine materials can be pressure treated to be resistant to mold or with a fire-retardant. These materials can be an affordable solution for homes in very wet or dry climates. Treated pine materials will also cost a lot less than some of the other species of wood, and will last a very long time. This is a great choice if cedar shakes are not ideal for the climate where you live.

4. Reclaimed Wood For Shake Roofing Or Siding

Reclaimed wood from old factories, barns and other structures can also be a great source for roofing materials. Sometimes you can find species of wood that are no longer available from these sources. If the wood is in very good condition, it may be possible to use it for roofing shakes. Even worn wood materials can be used for things like exterior siding with a shake design – it just needs to have a protective barrier behind it.

These are the alternatives to cedar if you want to have a wood shingle roof on your home. If you need to have your roof done, contact a roofing contractor like Classic Remodeling Corporation and ask them about using some of these alternatives for the roof on your home.