Choosing The Right Chain Link Fencing For Your Home

Installing a chain link fence is an affordable and low maintenance option. However, before you install one, it is best to know the different design options, so you can pick the right one for your property.


Your first chain link fencing option is the traditional matte grey design. This option comes in different heights and it is generally made from galvanized steel to prevent the metal from rusting.

The most common issue people normally have with the traditional chain link fencing is that the material is bland in appearance. You can also see through this type of fencing, which does not work well for people that want a privacy fence.

However, you do have the benefit of not having to pay for yearly maintenance with chain link fencing. Once you put it up, you do not have to seal it each year, as you would have to do with wood fencing.

This material is also insect resistant, which means you do not have to spray the fencing with an insecticide to repel carpenter ants or wood-boring bees.


When you like the open feel, but you want a more decorative option, you should look into colored chain link fencing. This type of fencing comes in a wide selection of colors, but how the color is put on is what makes a difference between the products you can find.

To apply the color to the first type of fencing, the manufacturer sprays it onto the surface. The compound is similar to paint, but it is specifically designed to adhere to metal. Usually, the compound also has a chemical that helps repel moisture, so that the metal will not rust.

The other coloring method uses a method similar to making dipped candles. The manufacturer dips the chain link repeatedly into a compound that resembles thick wax until it has a thick coating. This compound also covers any sharp portions of the fencing, which makes it safer to use when you have small children.


Your last option is to install a fence that is a mixture of chain link and slats. With this product, the chain link has larger gaps so that wood or plastic slats can be woven between the metal.

You also have the option of spacing out the slats or alternating the colors you decide to use. This type of chain link fencing gives you the ability to have a privacy fence and a low maintenance option for your yard.

If you have specific questions about fencing options, contact a business like Nickelston Fence Inc.