Works Sided: What You Need To Know To Update Your Home's Exterior

Buying a new coat for yourself can make all of your outfits look fresh and new, even if you've had them for years. Changing the siding on your home works in much the same way; while it does little to change the actual structure of your home, it definitely presents a whole new look. But how do you know which type of siding to choose? If you're looking to make your home look fresh this summer with a change in its siding, then here are a few different materials to consider.


It's the most popular type of siding for a reason -- vinyl is cheap, easy to clean, and insulates well, making it a good choice for most homeowners. Vinyl comes in a number of different styles, lengths, and colors, so the chances of you finding the perfect match for your home are pretty high.

Its no-fuss nature pertains to its installation as well; other than avoiding having one long seam where the siding meets on your house, there's not a lot you have to watch out for. Vinyl siding's popularity is a double-edged sword, however; if you're looking to stand out from your neighbors, vinyl is probably not the material for you.

Fiber Cement

Newer and slightly more expensive, fiber cement has many benefits that could sway you from more traditional siding materials. Its ability to stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions (it meets hurricane-level codes) is impressive--and worth its weight in gold if you live in an area with a variable and sometimes violent climate. Whether it's heat (which melts and burns), water (which can make other siding materials fade, warp, or rot), or just the weight of gravity pulling at your siding, you can be sure that the fiber cement is more than up to the rigors of life.

A necessary word of caution when dealing with fiber cement is to make sure it's installed correctly. Proper priming of the edges and checking for water behind the siding before sealing it will prevent many issues that can arise out of improper installation. A contractor who has dealt extensively with fiber cement siding would probably be your best bet.


Once the gold standard for the exterior of your home, wood siding has become a luxury commodity due to its slightly finicky nature (you have to protect it extensively against damage) and its expense.

However, if you're able to look past those few drawbacks, wooden siding is a fabulous, nigh-luxurious option and can give a large dose of class to the outside of your home, especially if you're going for a more in-tune-with-nature aesthetic already.

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