How To Store Your Canvas Awning For The Winter

A canvas awning cover left on a stationary frame in the harsh winter weather can become worn and decrepit in a short amount of time. Properly storing the cover can add years to its lifespan and save you money in repair and replacement costs. You should protect your canvas awning cover by removing, cleaning, and storing it in a safe location over the winter. Here is how to properly accomplish this task:

Remove Awning Cover

Canvas awning covers on stationary frames are usually either clipped or zippered onto the awning rails. Disconnect the clips or zippers, and slide the canvas off of the rails. If you need to use a small ladder to reach the awning, make sure you have someone to steady the ladder so you don't fall off of it and hurt yourself.

Cleaning Cover

Lay the cover on the driveway and stretch it out. Place heavy objects on the corners of the awning to keep the fabric from bundling up and moving around while you clean it.

You want to use a mild cleaner with mildew resistant chemicals in it to clean the awning. Pour and mix the cleaner in a five gallon bucket per the directions of the cleaner's manufacturer.

Soak the entire canvas cover with clean water. Moistening the cover helps the cleaning agents work better and reduces the amount of friction between the canvas and the brush – which can cause the fabric to rip and tear.

Take a long-handled deck brush with soft bristles and soak it in the bucket of cleaning fluid. Gently apply the detergent to the canvas while softly agitating the fabric with the brush. Do not press down too hard on the brush or you could damage the canvas.

Work the brush from one end of the canvas to the other. If the canvas gets too soapy that you can't tell if you are brushing a dirty or a clean spot, rinse the awning with water to expose the fabric and reapply cleaning detergent to the dirty spots.

Dry Cover

Thoroughly rinse the canvas with clean water once you are finished cleaning and then let the fabric dry. If you have a fence without spikes at the top, hang the awning over it to help it dry faster. You can also throw the canvas back over the awning railings to let it hang and dry if you don't have a fence to use.

Store Cover

Carefully fold up the canvas and store it in a dry and safe place in your garage until it's time to put it back again in the spring.

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