The Advantages Of Installing Glass Railings On Your Deck Or Balcony

Having a deck or balcony is a great way to enjoy outdoor space without leaving your home. In the past, it was most common to see the railings of a deck or balcony made of the same materials. For instance, a wooden deck might have wooden railings or a metal balcony might have metal railings. In recent years, having glass railings installed on decks and balconies has become a very popular option for home owners. Glass railings are made of safe, shatterproof glass and these are some of the advantages they have to offer.

More Visibly Pleasing 

If your deck or balcony looks out to a beautiful view, wooden or metal railings can affect how well you can see it. However, this is never an issue if you have glass railings installed.

Glass railings can be full panels of glass or smaller sections of glass that fit between each post of your deck or balcony. This gives you the ease and enjoyment of seeing your gorgeous view clearly through the glass.

Safer For Pets And Children 

Glass railings have a more narrow space in between each post. This makes it impossible for young children or pets to get themselves stuck in between your banisters. The shatterproof glass also has a smooth surface, unlike the splinter-filled wooden railings.

Easy Maintenance 

Metal deck and balcony railings can rust over time, which often leads to a much-needed paint job every few years. Wooden railings can also rot if they are not properly treated to protect them from rain and snow.

Glass railings require very little maintenance. Other than cleaning them on occasion to keep them looking crystal clear, very little maintenance will ever be needed for this type of deck and balcony railing. 

Wind Breaking Ability 

Glass railings also hold back wind better than wooden or metal railings. If you are outside on a particularly windy day, you can still enjoy your deck or balcony because the glass railings help block wind from coming in on you.

Full panel glass railings block wind out extremely well. Glass section railings also help hold wind back because the railings are wider than traditional wooden or metal railings.

More Affordable 

Glass railings are normally less expensive than both wooden and metal railings. If you also consider the money you will save on maintaining glass railings, this makes them even more affordable over time.

Glass railings also improve the curb appeal of any home. This can be beneficial should you decide to sell your home, because it may be more attractive to potential buyers. Contact a company like California Reflections for more information.