How To Plan A Pool House For Your Country Home

Whether you already own a swimming pool or whether you are having one built, having a pool house will certainly make life easier for you. Think of the mess that will be eliminated because people won't be bringing dripping water into your house after a swim. And, you can even use the pool house as a guest house. Even though it may still be freezing cold outside, this is a great time to design a pool house. From locating utilities to choosing the floors for your pool house, here are some ideas that will make your design unique and attractive.

First Things First - Did you know that, whether you're digging to establish a garden or digging to prepare for a swimming pool, you have to call 811? Call 811 at least two days before digging for the building of your pool house, as this is the law in all fifty of the United States. The main reason for this is to keep you safe and to make sure that no underground utilities are damaged in any way.

If you do dig and something is damaged, you can be fined and charged for damages. You can also call a company to mark and map utility lines. Special tools will be used to find anything underground that will interfere with the building of your pool house. Colored utility flags, stakes or paint will be used to mark underground lines. Be sure to leave them in place until you are totally finished digging for the foundation of your pool house. Contact a company like Delta Geophysics Inc for more information.

The Design -  This is the fun part!

  • A really great look for the facade of your pool house would be to select the same materials that were used in your actual house. For example, if your house is made of brick, use the same brick for the pool house. 
  • Concrete would be perfect for the floor, especially if you faux paint it. Choose the look of flagstone, brick, wooden plants, marble or almost anything else your brain can imagine. Concrete is a good choice because it is affordable and will not be affected by the water brought in from the pool. It's easy to maintain, too. 
  • Painted walls would be great. Enhance them with a wallpaper border that depicts children playing in the water, fish, sailboats, lighthouses or anything else that is connected to water. 
  • Do something fun with the bathroom door. For example, put a sign on it that says, "Thanks for using this room before you hit our swimming pool!"
  • If you're using the pool house as a guest house, too, pick plastic wicker or wrought iron for the furnishings, as both are water-resistant. A futon would be a perfect choice as it can be used as a sofa and then turned into a bed.
  • Have a large covered hamper that will hold a stack of beach towels. Also, have pegs on one of the walls for people to hang their clothes or wet towels.

Shop in antique stores, boutiques, thrift stores and country stores to find pictures and other decor for your pool house.