How To Modify Your Wrought Iron Fence When You Adopt A Dog

Bringing a four-legged bundle of joy into your life can be a big adjustment, and one aspect of your life that can take more adjusting than others is your backyard, specifically your fence. Wrought iron fences in particular can pose a particular challenge to those adopting dogs, with their large spaces in between posts that seem to almost invite your four-legged friend to try his or her luck in the neighbor's yard. To help with this transition, here are some ways you can modify your wrought iron fence to make it more agreeable for when your furry companion shows up for his or her first jaunt. 

Seal the Gaps

This is likely the first issue that you noticed with your fencing when you started thinking about making backyard adjustments for your dog, and for good reason. Luckily, this fix is fairly easy, and only takes an afternoon or so. Depending on the size of your dog, you'll need between a couple inches and a few feet of a denser barrier material to cover the bottom of your fence. Some ideas for this include:

  • Chicken wire, which is good for making a sturdy barrier quickly
  • Vinyl, which will last for a long time if you'll be adopting a dog that'll stay small for life
  • Wood, which is good for ease of installation and aesthetics
  • Additional ornamental wrought iron, which is an awesome mix of effective protection and aesthetic value

Replace or Adjust Your Gate

If you're planning on adopting a particularly smart or large breed, like a border collie or a golden retriever, for example, you might want to think about modifying your gate so that these brainiacs can't figure out how to work the latch and escape. One way to do this is by solidifying the gate itself or the surrounding fence, which would preclude your pooch from poking through and manipulating the latch. Another way to dog-proof your gate is by complicating it, by doing something like adding a keyed lock or a cane bolt, both of which are too complicated for most dogs to figure out. 

While many homeowners feel compelled to completely replace their fence when adopting a dog, the truth is that such drastic measures often aren't necessary. A simple fix like adding some chicken wire or installing a cane bolt closure can be plenty of security to make sure your canine stays confined within the safety of your yard. Talk to a company like City Wide Fence Co for more help.