Have an Automatic Sliding Door? 3 Problems to Watch for and How They're Repairable

A common feature of a business is to have an automatic sliding door that makes it easy for customers to enter and exit your business. While these doors are incredibly convenient, they do have problems that you need to take care of. Be aware of these common issues that you could have with your automatic door.

Door Stalling When Closing or Opening

Does the door no longer slide open and closed smoothly as it once did? Does it stall or lag at times? This can be due to a couple different problems.

Start by turning off the power going to the automatic door, then manually open and close the door. Even though the power is turned off, the door should not have any problems sliding across its tracks. If it is having problems, there could be physical debris causing the door to not properly operate. In cold weather, this could be something as simple as ice or snow.

If nothing is in the tracks, make sure the automatic door is secured to the outer frame. A sliding door can become loose, which causes it to bind and wobble when it is in use. Make sure the connections and framing are secure, then see if the door is still acting up.

When neither of those things does the trick, you might require professional help to solve the problem.

Door Operating with High Force

Your automatic doors should gently open and close when customers use it. If the door is using high force to open and close, this is a problem and a safety hazard. The problem could be caused by a faulty motor encoder; the motor encoder controls the door's operating speed. An automatic-door repair company can order a new part for you and handle the replacement as well.

Door Not Opening

There are several sensors in an automatic door that help detect when people are nearby. If the door is not opening, there can be issues with these sensors that are not allowing the door to detect movement from people. Start by cleaning the sensors so that you know they are free of dirt and debris. If that doesn't fix the problem, the sensors may need to be replaced.

These are just a few problems that can happen with an automatic sliding door for your business. If you are having a problem not listed here, contact a repair company such as Allied Door Controls & Glass in your area that can handle the service for you.