Keeping Your Parking Lot In Usable Condition

If you are a business owner who has a parking area for customers to utilize, you will undoubtedly want to keep these people safe when driving and walking on your property. Taking the time to tend to an asphalt parking lot is necessary to thwart potential vehicular damage or personal injury. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your parking lot is safe for those who visit your establishment.

Assess The Condition Of The Lot Often

It is important to take the time to walk through the parking lot several times a month to evaluate its condition. This way if you find a spot in need of repair work, you can tend to it quickly so it does not escalate in size. As you walk through the lot, mark the locations where small cracks are noticed on a diagram of the property so you can find them easily after you purchase materials to make repairs. 

Clean Your Parking Lot To Avoid Damage

When you walk through your lot looking for damage, pick up any debris found on the surface. In addition to trash thrown by people, natural debris like leaves, sticks, or dirt clumps should also be removed. This will reduce the chance of water accumulating around items left behind, which could weaken the composition of the asphalt over time. Use a leaf blower to remove debris from cracks if necessary.

Fill In Crevices To Avoid Potential Problems

If you find cracks in the asphalt lot, filling them in with an asphalt cement substance will keep motorists and pedestrians safe. Push pieces of gravel into each crevice and tamp them in place with a screwdriver or putty knife. Cover the stones with the cement to contain them. The cement will harden, leaving behind areas that are slightly darker than the rest of the asphalt parking area. If you notice larger holes in your lot, it will be necessary to call an asphalt service to make the proper repairs.

Add Sealcoating To Protect The Chance Of Further Wear

When you repair several spots within your parking area, the darkened cement will most likely be quite visible. To polish the lot's appearance, consider giving it a layer of sealcoat to give it a uniform coloring. This will also give your parking area ample protection against further damage. This material is applied with a special squeegee tool with a brush on the end. If your lot holds several spaces, consider calling an asphalt service to tend to the task. Visit this site to learn more.