3 Tips For Homeowners Replacing Their Windows For The First Time

Window replacement is something that many homeowners consider at least once while in their homes. Over time windows can become drafty and cause energy loss. In some cases older windows can be repaired while in other cases the windows need to be replaced. First time window replacement can be overwhelming and making the right decision for their home and budget can be difficult for homeowners. Here are three tips for homeowners who are replacing their windows for the first time. 

Don't Overestimate The Impact Of Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of new windows is that they can increase the energy efficiency of the home and save on power bills. However, it's important not to overestimate the impacts of energy efficient windows. Energy star certified windows can lower energy costs by about 12%, which can mean a savings of $27 to $111 a year if replacing double pane windows and $126 to $465 when replacing single pane windows. The average cost to replace windows is between $2,608 and $7,389. While energy efficient windows can save on energy bills, it's unlikely that these energy savings will pay for the cost of new windows immediately. 

Take The Home's Style Into Consideration

One thing that homeowners should consider when replacing their home's windows is the style of the home. Brand new vinyl windows will likely look out of place in a historic home. Conversely traditional style wood window frames may be out of place in a mid century modern home. Choosing windows that do not fit with the style of the home can really decrease its curb appeal and even hurt the home's resale value. The right choice of replacement windows, however, can have a lot of benefits. The return on investment for standard replacement windows is around 80% which makes this a great upgrade for most homes.

Bigger Might Be Better

For many homeowners, the more light and airflow the better. Replacing the windows in a home with larger, more open options can really improve the look of the home. In this case new window openings will need to be created. This can get expensive but many homeowners with small windows find this improvement to be worth it. Enlarging the old window opening can increase costs up to 50-100%.

Window replacement can be tricky for homeowners to navigate. While energy savings are great, it's unlikely that the increased energy efficiency will compensate for the cost of the replacement windows. It's also important to factor in the style of the home when replacing windows. This is also a great time to consider enlarging the window openings in order to create more light and airflow within the home.