3 Window Updates That Will Improve Your Apartment's Energy Efficiency

Living in an apartment offers a multitude of benefits such as being able to make a quick phone call when something needs to be fixed and not having to worry about regular maintenance throughout the year. But if your apartment community is like most, there are rules put in place that won't allow you to make any permanent changes to your home.

This can be a problem when it comes to improving energy efficiency because you can't do things like plant trees in front of your windows or replace the windows with new, more energy-efficient options. Luckily, there are a few easy window updates you can make that aren't permanent yet will improve the energy efficiency of your apartment overall. Consider using one or more of the following tips:  

Install New Drapes

Believe it or not, you can reduce heat gain in your apartment during the summer by up to 33 percent and therefore lower your energy bills by simply installing medium-colored draperies on all of your windows. For optimal protection, you'll need to install the drapes directly against the wall in front of each window so no air pockets can form when they're closed. The edges of the drapes should lay against the wall and hang to the floor if possible to create a seal that won't let air that gets through the window to enter your apartment.  

Apply Insulation Film

You can further reduce heat gain and loss throughout the year by applying insulation film to each of your apartment's windows. This type of film comes in a variety of different colors, shades, and designs which make creating a custom look (like a stained-glass design) easy. You can purchase insulation film in large rolls and then cut sheets to size, so they fit snugly on all of your windows no matter their shape or size. Consider purchasing two or three different shades of film and creating multi-colored window covers throughout your apartment.

Use Window Snakes

One of the easiest ways to improve energy efficiency in your apartment is to make use of window snakes. These contraptions sit along the bottom edge of the window and keep unwanted air from traveling through the window into your home. You can purchase window snakes at a local home improvement store or online, or make your own by filling up old socks with rice or cotton material then sew the socks up and pull at the ends to stretch them out. You may have to set two or three sock snacks side-by-side on your window ledges to cover the entire width of them.

These basic tips and tricks should help make spending time in your apartment more comfortable when it's especially hot or cold outside, and are sure to save you some money on energy bills as time goes on.  

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