Creating A Safe Work Zone With Signs And Barriers

Safety in a work zone is critical and the right equipment to help ensure traffic flow or limit traffic through the are can make all the difference. When a job needs to be done on a roadway or highway, a work zone needs to be established and people need to know where they can travel through it or if they must go around. It is up to whoever sets up the work zone to ensure that happens.

Roadside Signage

One of the easiest ways to let people know there is work in the roadway is to set up some signs. They might be Men at Work, Construction Zone, or Work Zone signs. Portable orange signs are the most common but for jobs that will last a long time a permanent sign can be placed along the road to alert drivers to the ongoing work zone. In some cases signs that indicate work zones stretching for several miles or even longer are used. Determining what you need is dependent on the job and duration of it.

Digital Signs and Alert Boards

As you drive along the road you might see a digital sign announcing a work zone ahead. These digital boards are very flexible because they can be programmed to say anything you need them to. Often they are set up to give the hours of work being completed, directions to a detour, or other alerts for drivers as they pass through the work zone. These boards are portable and can be moved to whatever spot you need them at the moment.

Barrels and Cones

Cones are always a good indication of work ahead or a lane shift in the road. They are inexpensive and you can put hundreds of them out along the road if need be. In addition to the cones, you can use traffic barrels that are brightly colored and about the size of a standard 55-gallon drum. This makes them easier to see but because they are plastic, they are easy to lift and move as you work around the work zone.

Barricades and Water Barriers

For larger jobs that will be ongoing for a long time or in very high traffic areas, it is pretty important to control the traffic flow through a work zone. A good way to do that is will concrete barriers often called Jersey Barriers, or with water filled barriers. These barriers are harder to move around but they provide a much higher level of protection for the workers inside the work area. The water filled barrels can be put in place empty then filled with water to make them nearly impossible to move if a car hits them. If they need to be moved, they can be drained, moved, and refilled once reset.