How To Replace Motor Shaft Seals On A Hayward Pool Pump

A reliable sign that the shaft seals on the pool pump has worn out is when you see water leaking out of the pump. You need to replace the shaft seals to stop the leak. The shaft seals are located behind the impeller and on the seal plate. Replacing the seals is something the average pool owner who likes to work on things around the house can do by themselves. If your Hayward pool pump is leaking water, here is how you can replace the shaft seals on it.

Turn Off Power

The last thing you want is for the pool pump to turn on while you are working on it and getting hurt. Make sure you unplug the pump or turn off the circuit breaker for it at the main service panel in the house before you start working on replacing the shaft seal.

Remove Motor Pump Assembly

The motor pump assembly is connected to the wet housing part of the pump. The wet housing pump is where the PVC pipes are connected to the pump. You do not have to remove the pipes from the housing. Instead, remove the four 9/16th bolts connecting the pump assembly to the housing and pull the pump away from the housing.

Pump Diffuser

You will see the diffuser and the diffuser gasket at the head of the pump assembly when you separate it from the housing. Pull the diffuser off the assembly.

Remove Impeller

You need to remove the impeller to get to the shaft seals. The first thing you need to do is secure the motor shaft. You do this by removing the two flat head screws on the cap at the rear of the pump assembly. Remove the screws and take the cap off.

You need to remove the capacitor to access the motor shaft. The capacitor stores electricity and you need to release the energy before you remove it. Take the flat head screwdriver blade and touch both electrical terminals on the capacitor at the same time to release the stored up energy. Unscrew the U-clamp holding the capacitor to the motor. Remove the capacitor. You do not have to disconnect the electrical leads going to the capacitor.

Place the open end of a 7/16" box wrench on the shaft to keep it from spinning around. Twist the impeller counterclockwise to remove it.

Remove Shaft Seals

One of the shaft seals is on the backside of the impeller and the other seal is on the inside the middle of the seal plate behind the impeller. The seal on the seal plate is colored white. The seal on the impeller is colored black. Remove the seal on the seal plate by prying it off with the flat head screwdriver. The seal on the impeller twists off.

Install New Seals

Put the new white seal into the center of the seal plate and press down on it. You don't want to touch the white seal with your bare hands. Use rubber gloves when handling the seal. Twist the black seal onto the back of the impeller. Put the seal plate back on the motor shaft and screw the impeller back on. Remove the box wrench from the motor shaft, replace the capacitor, and screw the back cap back on. Put the diffuser on the front of the shaft. Make sure to replace the gasket. Reconnect the pump assembly to the housing to finish and then turn the power back on and start the pump. Click here to learn more about pumps repairing.