Odd Jobs For Commercial Painting Crews

Commercial painting covers a wide set of services. As such, you could hire a commercial painter for just about anything from house painting to resurfacing your truck. Here are a few other odd jobs for commercial painters, in case you are wondering just what it is they will paint for you.

Gypsy Wagons

True vardos, or gypsy wagons, are small houses on wagon wheels (not built over the tops of utility trailers). These wagon-houses are often rounded at the top and have a hook-up and harness hitches for your gypsy horse. Originals are brightly painted and decorated with true Romani symbols and art. The base layers of paint can be done by commercial painters, while you can do some of the Romani symbols or script flourishes yourself. You can also hire a "gypsy" or person of Romani descent to paint these decorative details on your vardo/wagon for you.

Aluminum Siding and Roofing

If you have purchased a property with aluminum siding or aluminum roofing, it may have come to you in less-than-desirable colors. If you want to change the  colors without scrapping the siding or roofing, a commercial contractor can do this. The paint color present is buffed off and the new color is sprayed on. The painter may also choose to prep the surface of your siding or roofing and just paint over the current color. Specialty patterns may be ordered only if the commercial painter is skilled and trained in this department.

Sterile Hospital Painting

Painting the new wing of a hospital brings special challenges. Not only do the walls in this wing have to be painted perfectly, but they also have to remain as sterile as possible. There are some special techniques in the commercial painting business that allow the painters to accomplish this unique goal. The painters have to wear respirators and cover from head to toe to prevent germs from becoming part of the wet paint on the walls. If they are especially ill (e.g., projectile vomiting), the affected painters are instructed to stay home and stay away from the work zone on a project like this.

If the hospital would rather have wallpapering services, some commercial painters can handle that. The walls are usually coated lightly with paint, sanded and then wallpaper adhesive is applied before the wallpaper is hung. If the rooms are to be half wallpaper, half paint, that also falls within the realm of commercial painters. For more information, contact companies like AAA Action Painting.