Selling Your Home Soon? Small, Medium, And Large Kitchen Renovation Projects That Buyers Will Appreciate

Today's home buyers are tech-savvy and highly informed about the real estate market. In fact, before most of these buyers schedule a viewing, they will use the internet to view all available information about the homes they are interested in, including photos, virtual tours, disclosures, and MLS data. When they spot problems, such as an ugly or outdated kitchen, they may choose to ignore that home, in favor of another that offers a kitchen that more closely fits their needs and desires. If you are planning to sell your home soon and concerned that your kitchen will turn prospective buyers off, instead of on, it may be time to consider some type of kitchen renovation project. 

Painting and pulls, a low-budget way to freshen your kitchen

If your kitchen offers a good floor plan, ample counter space and an attractive overall design, you may only need some new paint and inexpensive decorative touches to give it a new, fresh look. To get the most from the money you spend, consider following one of the newer kitchen paint trends that feature using darker paint colors on some of the cabinetry, usually the bottom units, and a lighter, coordinating shade on the upper tier of cabinets. Add some whimsical drawer pulls and your kitchen will look great with just a tiny little investment. 

Refacing and countertops, a mid-range project to add real appeal

If simple paint will not be enough to transform your kitchen and attract the most qualified buyers, the sparkle and value of granite or quartz countertops may be just what you need. While installing solid stone countertops is the industry standard, you may be able to save money and still get the rich look you want by using much more economical granite tile, instead. 

Gutting and renovation, a serious renovation to grab buyer interest

Sellers who have an outdated or poorly designed kitchen may need to consider doing a complete kitchen remodel, including gutting the existing kitchen and redesigning the layout. While a project with this scope is the most expensive of the three options discussed here, it will also likely get the most buyer attention. Possible savings on this type of kitchen renovations may be possible in situations where the existing plumbing and electrical lines can be left in their current locations. 

To get the most from any kitchen renovation project, consider teaming with a reputable, experienced kitchen design firm, like Luxcucina. Their designers and contractors will be able to offer you the most economical options to achieve the kitchen of your (and your prospective buyer's) dreams!