2 Things To Consider When Having A New Deck Installed

Having a new deck installed is a great way to increase your home's square footage, and maybe even improve your overall property value. Here are a couple of things to consider when having a new deck installed:

Weather Protection

It's important to figure out how you'll protect your new deck before having it installed so not even one day goes by where it can be battered by wind, rain, and sun rays. Your new deck will need to be protected with a sealant of some kind as soon as it has been completely installed. There are a few things to consider when choosing a sealant such as:

  • Colored or Clear Sealant? Clear sealants are effective, but they don't protect wood from UV rays as well as colored or tinted options. If you want the natural wood of your deck to show after being sealed and you don't mind the deck naturally fading due to sun exposure over time, a clear sealant is a good options. If you want to maintain a vibrant look and feel for your deck that doesn't fade or lighten up as time goes on, choose a colored or tinted option.

  • Water or Oil Based? While oil based sealants tend to offer longer weather protection than water based options, they aren't as easy to clean up and they require a completely dry surface in order to get fully absorbed into the wood. Water based sealants will likely have to be reapplied more often than oil based options, but they're easy to work with and can be applied to slightly damp surfaces. The option you choose should depend on what would be most convenient for your particular situation both short and long term.

Possible Enhancements

Depending on what you expect to use your new deck for and where it's located, you may find the need or desire to enhance the deck now or at a later time. Take time to determine what the deck will most often be used for:

  • Will it be enjoyed as a family room where games are played? You may want to enclose the space to keep pests out.

  • Will it serve as a barbecue lounge area? You'll might want to install railings to ensure the safety of party-goers.

  • Will the kids play there when the weather is bad outside? Installing a roof over the deck will keep them dry and clean.

After considering all of the activities that your new deck will likely accommodate, you should be able to accurately determine what types of enhancements, if any, you'll want to install and when they should be installed.