Tips For Setting Up A Kitchen Cabinet As A Snack Area For Your Children

During a kitchen renovation, you should give some thought to how each member of your family interacts with this part of your home. If you have younger children, one idea to consider is having a special cabinet installed that you can load with their favorite snacks that don't require refrigeration. Then, instead of you always having to stop what you're doing to retrieve and prepare snacks for them, you can encourage them to grab what they want out of their cabinet. You'll want to talk this idea over with your kitchen remodeling contractor and consider the following options.

Convenient Location

One of the biggest things that you'll need to plan for when deciding how you'll proceed with this idea is the location of the cabinet for your children. Generally, you'll want to place it below the kitchen counter, rather than above it. This will allow your children to access the cabinet with ease, rather than have to go through the risk of climbing onto the counter. Additionally, choosing a location that isn't in the heart of the kitchen — which might result in your children being underfoot — is ideal. When possible, plan this cabinet at one end of the kitchen.

Noise-Free Operation

Children tend to be a little less than gentle when using kitchen cabinets; you may have grown accustomed to the sound of cabinet doors slamming each time your children open one of them. Fortunately, this doesn't have to be the norm, and you can talk to your contractor about ensuring the quiet operation of the children's snack cabinet. Many people favor using soft-close hinges on the cabinets, as this will prevent them from making noise when they're closed. Even if your children were to slam the cabinet door after retrieving some snacks, the piston-style stopper on the hinge would slow down the door's speed and close it gently.

Slide-Out Shelves

While there's nothing wrong with stacking your children's snacks on the conventional shelves of the kitchen cabinet, the kids may sometimes struggle to retrieve snacks that are positioned to the rear of the shelves — and this can cause them to call you in a panic, interrupting whatever you're working on. Talk to your remodeling contractor about slide-out shelves, which your children can easily pull out to grab the snacks they want. Your kitchen contractor may have some additional ideas for you to explore for creating a dedicated snack cabinet for your children.