Commercial Construction: Three Issues Worth Your Focus

If you've only ever purchased commercial properties in the past, you might finally hope to construct a property for your business. This decision comes with many responsibilities. You may feel eager to move along with the construction of your building, but ensure that you're thinking about these commercial construction issues as you start.

Future Goals

If your reason for building a commercial structure is that you want to have a home base for your own business, that's not uncommon. However, if you're building with a goal of moving in a few years, you'll need to think about construction a little differently. Your personal preferences regarding floor layouts and other issues won't be the only factors involved as you work with architects and construction contractors. If you're hoping to sell off the property, look around at recent sales of similar properties to see what type of buildings are selling well.

Variance Applications

You might have purchased a commercial lot months or years ago, planning to put a structure on it eventually. Now that you are prepared to build, it's time to ensure that zoning rules are the same as they were when you brought the property. Even minor changes could affect fences, monument signs, and other plans. If you find that anything you're about to build could be problematic, complete a variance application. A variance—a special one-time permission—could be approved by the town's zoning board after a review of your property.

You should seek variances early on, because they are not guaranteed. Even if you make a great case for a variance, the town could deny you and you'd have to make adjustments to your commercial building.

Ductless HVAC Systems

The ducts and units that make up traditional HVAC systems can frustrate you because you may need to make room for them. Just as you plan out rooms, you might need to plan out how you can best accommodate the HVAC system. However, there's another choice: ductless systems can be installed quickly and won't affect construction issues. Small units in each space can be joined back to the main HVAC unit. Should you plan to add on to your commercial building later, you'll only need to add more small units instead of dealing with more ducts.

With these details, commercial construction can proceed in a way that's acceptable to both you and the professionals who help you realize your dream. Ongoing talks with commercial construction contractors will result in a structure you can be pleased to call your own, so reach out to a commercial construction service today.