Tips For Installing New Windows In Your Home

Planning on installing new windows in your home? If so, it will help to follow these tips so everything will go smoothly. 

Double Check Measurements

The first thing that you should do is double check all of your measurements for each window to ensure that you have the correct width and height. The worst thing you can do at this stage of the window replacement process is to make a mistake on the basic measurements of the window. This can cause a big problem and end up costing you money if you have not measured correctly and verified your measurements.

Save Your Moldings

Even if you are going to completely replace the window and the frame, it is a good idea to hold onto your moldings that surround the window on the inside. Take the time to carefully remove all of the moldings so they can be placed back onto the window frame and hide the gaps that would normally be covered by the molding material. You can always repaint or stain the moldings later if you feel like they do not match the new window color.

Level The Window

You'll need to make sure that the window is level when you are putting it in its place. One tip to do this is to use shims that can be around the window frame to move it slightly in the desired direction. Place the shims around the frame until it the window is level. If necessary, remove the shims so that you can cut them down to the right length so they do not stick out of the window frame. 

Secure The Window

One you have the window in the place that you want it, secure the window in place by using screws that hold the window to the frame. You'll need to drill small pilot holes to make this process easier, but when it is finished, you'll know that the window isn't moving anywhere while the installation continues.

Caulk Around The Window

Caulk is crucial around a window to help provide a good seal. This is necessary because construction material can contract and expand over the years, making that gap change in size to let more air in. All you need is a proper size bead of caulk that goes around the entire window frame to get the job done. 

Meet with a local window contractor for help with window installation so you don't have to do it on your own.