3 Considerations To Make When Having A Commercial Fence Built

Having a commercial fence to go around your property can do a variety of things including adding privacy and just creating a more put-together look overall. Depending on your business and your budget, one option may be better than another. Here are three considerations you should make when having your fence built

1. The Height

The height of your fence will really help set the tone for your entire exterior. If you have a property that is more commercial based like a trucking yard, a warehouse, or something else fairly industrial, then having a large, oversized fence will be a must because it will essentially be for security. If you own a quaint boutique or restaurant, you may want to go with something that is much shorter and creates a more welcoming feel overall. 

2. The Material 

Once you choose the height of the fence, it's time to choose the material. The material of your commercial fence can either make or break the overall feel of your company's exterior. 

Rot Iron Fencing: Rot iron fencing can give your company's exterior a really traditional feel. The great thing about rot iron fencing is that it's really durable and is ideal for all types of weather conditions. As long as it is powder coated with a paint, the paint itself should last several years (if not longer) without you having to redo it. 

Wooden Fencing: Wooden fencing is another great option that will give your business a more traditional look, but because the wood slats are so close, it will create a lot of privacy that you may not be going for. Just remember that wood fences require a lot of maintenance and upkeep everywhere because they need to be sanded and restained. 

Vinyl Fencing: If you want a sleek look without all of the maintenance, then you may want to go with vinyl fencing which is typically white or beige and can be installed in a variety of different heights. 

Chain link fencing: Chain link fencing is ideal for a lot of industrial properties where you're not as concerned about the overall appearance of it. If you want to add more privacy features to your chain link fence, your fencing company can put little slates in between the holes to help seal them off. 

3. The Cost

The material of fence you decide to go with is what is going to cost you or save you the most money. Typical fencing material prices include: 

  • Rot Iron: $24-$34 per linear foot on average. 
  • Vinyl:  $15-$30 per linear foot. 
  • Wood Fending: $12-$27 per linear foot. 
  • Chain Link Fence: About $10 per linear foot.