Civil Excavation Tips For Property Owners

Civil excavation projects can be among the biggest undertakings that a person may undertake on their property. Due to the complexity of excavation projects and the impact that they can have on your property, developing your understanding of the factors that go into excavation work can be instrumental.

Assess Whether Ground Water Is Near The Surface

Depending on the depth of your excavation work and the location of the groundwater on your property, it could be possible for the excavation to strike the water source. This could present sizable problems for the project and the property. To avoid this risk, it is possible to have a groundwater assessment that will allow the contractor to determine whether this is a likely outcome with your project so that they can help you devise plans to avoid this potential complication.

Have Erosion Nets Or Other Upgrades In Place For The Project

Excavation work can increase the risk of erosion occurring as it will remove the grass or other plants that may have been holding the soil in place, and it will also potentially loosen the soil that is surrounding the excavation site. To avoid the risk of erosion occurring from this work, there are solutions such as erosion netting and soil grouting. By understanding the need to use these erosion control solutions during your project, you will avoid the risk of these issues developing. Once the work has been completed, you can remove these erosion control systems so that the property's appearance will be restored.

Consider The Amount Of Soil That Will Be Left Over From The Work

Depending on the purpose of the excavation work, you may find that you will have sizable amounts of soil left over. The amount of soil that is left over can vary greatly. For example, a person that only needs to excavate the soil to allow for a pipeline to be installed will find that they have a relatively small amount of excess soil at the conclusion of the project. However, those that are excavating for a foundation or other large project may have much more soil left over. Anticipating whether you will have a large or relatively small amount of excess soil can make your planning for this work easier. Otherwise, you may be surprised by the need to arrange for disposing large amounts of waste soil, which could leave you scrambling to find a service to take the soil before it starts to wash away or spread across the property.

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