Upgrading Your Home with A Fireplace

A chimney can help improve the value of your home while also making the interior far cozier during the long and cold winters. If your home does not currently have a chimney, you may still be able to enjoy these benefits by committing to upgrading the home with this addition. Plan for Storing the Firewood Homeowners who have never owned a chimney will often underestimate the considerations that are necessary when storing the firewood for the chimney.

Radon: How Do You Keep This Toxin Out Of Your Home?

If your home tested positive for radon, you may want to make your home as safe as you can. Right after smoking, radon is the second most prevalent cause of lung cancer. But unlike smoking, radon doesn't always cause symptoms. In most cases, it can take numerous years before you exhibit signs of lung cancer. By taking immediate action, you make your home safe to live in again.  Get Everyone Tested for Radon

Tips For Setting Up A Kitchen Cabinet As A Snack Area For Your Children

During a kitchen renovation, you should give some thought to how each member of your family interacts with this part of your home. If you have younger children, one idea to consider is having a special cabinet installed that you can load with their favorite snacks that don't require refrigeration. Then, instead of you always having to stop what you're doing to retrieve and prepare snacks for them, you can encourage them to grab what they want out of their cabinet.

3 Ways To Prevent Water Damage To Your Foundation

Your home's foundation is not only a crucial part of its resale value but also critical for keeping your home's structural integrity so that your house is safe to live in. As a homeowner, you really need to ensure that your foundation has all the support it needs and isn't constantly being attacked by water. Here are three ways to prevent water damage to your foundation. 1. Waterproofing There are two basic categories of waterproofing: interior and exterior.

Getting A Clean Bill Of Health For Your Chimney

If you burn wood for heat or have a fireplace that you enjoy in the cooler part of the year, it is important to take some time to have the chimney inspected, cleaned, and any damage repaired regularly. Damage to the chimney can become a  large problem and is one of the leading causes of house fires. The chimney is designed to contain the heat, ash, embers, and smoke from the fire and safely remove them from the home.