How To Replace Motor Shaft Seals On A Hayward Pool Pump

A reliable sign that the shaft seals on the pool pump has worn out is when you see water leaking out of the pump. You need to replace the shaft seals to stop the leak. The shaft seals are located behind the impeller and on the seal plate. Replacing the seals is something the average pool owner who likes to work on things around the house can do by themselves. If your Hayward pool pump is leaking water, here is how you can replace the shaft seals on it.

Odd Jobs For Commercial Painting Crews

Commercial painting covers a wide set of services. As such, you could hire a commercial painter for just about anything from house painting to resurfacing your truck. Here are a few other odd jobs for commercial painters, in case you are wondering just what it is they will paint for you. Gypsy Wagons True vardos, orgypsy wagons, are small houses on wagon wheels (not built over the tops of utility trailers).

Sneaky Causes Of Wooden Siding Dry Rot Every Homeowner Should Know

Wooden siding has been around for a lot of years and is still in use on many homes today. While wooden siding offers an array of benefits, from being resilient to weather to adding another layer of insulation, it also has a tendency to dry rot. Dry rot can affect just about any wooden housing component, even siding. This condition is caused by fungus, which needs moisture to thrive and spread.

Creating A Safe Work Zone With Signs And Barriers

Safety in a work zone is critical and the right equipment to help ensure traffic flow or limit traffic through the are can make all the difference. When a job needs to be done on a roadway or highway, a work zone needs to be established and people need to know where they can travel through it or if they must go around. It is up to whoever sets up the work zone to ensure that happens.

5 Reasons You Should Build Your Own Home

When it comes to buying a home, there are really only two choices, which is to buy a home that is already built or to build your own home. Many people buy a home that is already built because they believe it is the easiest option. However, you should consider these five reasons why building your own home is the better choice: Your Own Design Preference: All families are different, and a layout that works for one family won't work for the other.